Buy it if you want to get an eye-friendly, colorful experience.

E Ink color ePaper technology, Kaleido, has developed so fast since its release last year. The latest Kaleido version, Kaleido Plus, has already met the market with the debut of BOOX Nova3 Color and only available to 7.8inch devices this year.

Many users wonder if they should buy the color E Ink device Nova3 Color, or whether color E Ink devices are suitable for them. This article shows you what you should know about before purchasing the color E Ink reader Nova3 Color.

6 Things to Know Before Buying BOOX Nova3 Color -Nova3 Color Is Different from LED/LCD Tablets -It’s…

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part Four

Customizing book and note cover is an essential feature for some users: A custom cover can better convey your feeling about the book. You can also use different covers to categorize files into different types quickly. And for most users, a self-assigned cover can also help protect privacy.

After updating your BOOX to V3.1 firmware, you can use this feature to get the above benefits. And here’s how you can assign a different cover picture for your books and notes.

The key insights of this article:
-How to customize book covers
-How to customize note covers

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part Three

Since the V3.1 firmware update, we’ve introduced the flexible canvas with high customizability into our Notes app. However, some users may find it challenging to use the canvas. Some changes in the settings can make the notes and content “move” to other places.

But, don’t worry. This article will walk you through the settings and working principles of the custom canvas. We’ll help you find the best use of this versatile feature. Let’s dive in.

Here’re the key insights: -2 Significant Settings: Canvas Editor and Zoom -The Suggested Work Flow of Using Flexible Canvas -Use Canvas Editor and Zoom in…

World Book Day 2021 Special Activity with Prizes

Many readers understand the world and life through reading. And they have a good reading time with BOOX tablets. World Book Day is the best time to share your wonderful reading journey with everyone. Join in one of the following four activities to start sharing and get the chance to win prizes.

Visualize Your Favorite Part of a Book

Everyone gets a favorite book. And every book has wonderful parts. Instead of describing…why not depict them?

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part Two

Recording audio is useful.

It helps you catch up with details when you are busy taking notes. It’s convenient when you need playback to dig out more information in the record.

It’s a great feature if you frequently attend meetings and lectures. And it finally comes to the built-in Notes app with the V3.1 firmware.

Use recorder in the Notes to better capture details
-Tap the Recorder Button, and There You Start
-No Limitation for Time or Quantity
-Move It to Any Layer, Anywhere
-Edit Name, Export or Delete Files in the Recording List

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part One

Sharing books and notes used to be less intuitive on BOOX tablets. But the V3.1 firmware totally improves the sharing system. Since the release of V3.1 firmware, users can share books, notes, and any file directly to email and third-party apps.

Easily Share Files on BOOX to Email and Other Devices:
-Share Notes on BOOX
“Bluetooth” sharing vs. “Nearby Share”
Tips: How to correctly use “Nearby Share”
-Share Books on BOOX
-Share Images on BOOX

How to Share Notes on BOOX?

Sharing Notes requires just 5steps:

1️⃣ Open a notepad in the Notes app and tap the three-dot button at the bottom of the…

The charm of a versatile 13.3’’ E Ink tablet with front lights.

Max Lumi is our first 13.3’’ E Ink tablet using front lights. For BOOX, it’s a breakthrough product in terms of specification. For many users, it’s also a helpful device that has changed their life in many ways.

How exactly do people get benefits from Max Lumi? And what do they like about it? Keep reading to know more about the charm of this device.

The charm of a versatile 13.3’’ E Ink tablet with front lights: -No More Eye Strain -Read PDF Like Never Been So Easy Before -Front Light Is Plus -Experience Snappy System on an E Ink…

Why is Kaleido Plus the best technology for color E Ink tablets for now?

Since E Ink’s color ePaper technology Kaleido hit the market last summer, iterations from Kaleido2, Kaleido2.5 to Kaleido3 have sprung up. Although the names are pretty confusing, one thing can be assured is the new Kaleido, Kaleido Plus, is the latest iteration officially announced by E Ink.

From most consumers’ perspectives, the features and the differences of Kaleido iterations matter more than their names.

This article is breaking down the myths of Kaleido. Besides showing you the differences between Kaleido and the new Kaleido Plus, we also add E Ink Gallery, the Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP), into the comparison to…

Look forward to seeing your fantastic artwork on Nova3 Color.

Nova3 Color is our brand-new 7.8” color eReader and note-taking tablet. Some of you may have received it and used it for a while. How do you like it?

We invite every owner of Nova3 color to share your review in different forms, such as article+pics and videos, to help people know more about Nova3 color.

If you review the product from multiple angles to provide a comprehensive view, you will be likely to get a $30-$100 BOOX Shop gift card in return for your support and talent.


  • Lead Analysts: 2 reviewers will be awarded a $100 BOOX Shop gift…

The Complete Guide of Transferring Files to BOOX
The Complete Guide of Transferring Files to BOOX

A new, long-awaited way included

How many ways can you count for transferring files to your BOOX E Ink tablets?

The answer was 5. But since March 2021, we’ve introduced a new way to transfer files and web URLs to BOOX devices more conveniently: send2boox Chrome extension.

Counting in the send2boox extension, there’re 6 ways to send a file or web article to your BOOX. And they’re all easy-peasy. If you lost count of some of them, let’s check them out one by one.

6 ways to transferring files to BOOX:


BOOX transforms your reading, writing, note-taking and drawing experience on E-Ink Tablets and Ebook Readers. Follow us for more latest updates.

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