BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 6

Edit pictures with New Gallery App on BOOX
Edit pictures with New Gallery App on BOOX

If you’ve updated to the V3.0 Firmware, now turn on your BOOX tablet, tap Applications and stare at the panel. How many new built-in apps can you see?

Two. And you find them: PushRead and Gallery.

PushRead is an app that helps you read pushed web articles better, yet Gallery is totally different. Gallery allows you to edit pictures on a BOOX E Ink tablet.

Yes. EDIT PICTURES ON AN E INK DEVICE. Keep reading to learn more.

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-The Helpful Tools in Gallery
-Gallery vs. Notes vs. NeoReader in Picture Editing

What Can You Do with the Gallery App

Editing pictures is essential in many situations. …

Your portable, 7.8inch E Ink tablet becomes more capable and versatile

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What’s the smallest BOOX E Ink tablet that supports both reading and handwriting? Before this October, it was our Nova2. But now Nova3 enters the game and becomes the most advanced 7.8inch Android E Ink tablet in the market.

What makes Nova3 better than other 7.8inch E Ink tablets? If you’re torn between Nova2 and Nova3, which one should you choose? Is it worth it upgrading to Nova3 when you have a Nova2? Keep reading to find the answer.

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-Nova3: Read Books and Take Notes Wherever You Go
-Nova3 vs. …

For Max3, Note2, Nova2, Poke2 and previous models

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Since the release of V3.0 Firmware’s new features on Max Lumi and Note Air, many users have been waiting for their firmware updates.

And the update really comes.

Based on the beta test group’s feedback and suggestions, we’ve eliminated some bugs, improved many features, and well prepared for the mass release. This week, we’re releasing the V3.0 Firmware update package for Max3, Note2, Nova2, and Poke2. You can update your device via OTA (Settings>Firmware Update) or download the package and install it manually.

We highly appreciate the BOOX users in the beta test group 🧡.

At the same time, we’re developing and debugging the latest firmware for older models, such as Note Pro and Nova Pro. We’ll announce it once the update packages are ready and add their changelogs to this post. …

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 5

Integrated third-party dictionaries popups
Integrated third-party dictionaries popups

As many BOOX users acquire more than one language, a functional digital dictionary can help them pronounce, understand, and memorize new words.

If you’re familiar with BOOX tablets, you must know two ways of adding dictionaries to your BOOX: download them from our cloud space or sideload them into your device manually.

However, during these processes, two problems will come up: The cloud dictionaries are too limited in options. And sideloading can take a century sometimes because some dictionaries are extremely large in size.

Moreover, both cloud and sideloaded dictionaries are not flexible enough to paraphrase trendy phrases, coined words and new slangs. …

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 4

BOOX PushRead
BOOX PushRead

Pushing ebooks, files and web articles to read them later on BOOX is a great way to get rid of the LCD screens’ blue light and get evolved in a comfortable reading experience.

Before the latest V3.0 firmware, users can push all kinds of documents and web posts to their BOOX tablets through

For web articles, they will be converted into epub files. You can open them in NeoReader, and take notes on them like you’re annotating an ebook.

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 3

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Layers! Layers! Layers!

Layer, such a long-awaited feature, finally comes to Max Lumi, Note Air, Note3, and Nova3 first with the V3.0 firmware.

As an essential feature that users frequently required, layers can help people take notes without ruining the templates and draw details while retaining the original layout.

What should you pay attention to when using layers on BOOX? We’re going to share with you four basic facts that you need to know about layers.

Let’s check them out.

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-1 Add Up to Five Layers
-2 Templates Button Is Hidden in the First Layer
-3 More Eraser Options
-4 Sync or Back up Your Drawings with…

BOOX V3.0 Firmware Feature Introduction Part 2

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Are you still busy tapping the back button to go back to the previous page or the home page? On some devices without a back button, such as Poke3 and Note Air, do you think you can achieve these tasks only with the navigation ball?

What if there’s a better way to quickly switch apps, back to the previous page, go to the home page and even do more with just a gesture?

We’re not boasting; The custom gestures that come with the V3.0 firmware can achieve this.

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-Introducing Three Gestures and Seven Options
-How and Where To Customize Gestures
-Notes and NeoReader Can Appear at App-Switching…

Our best 6inch E Ink tablet upgrades with a better chip, Android 10 and USB Type-C.

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An upgraded octa-core can take the device to a new speed level. Android 10 is compatible with more third-party apps. A USB Type-C interface can provide a more stable connection and faster data transfer speed.

How can a 6-inch E Ink tablet that only weighs 150g packs all these features into it? That’s possible with the BOOX Poke3.

After releasing Max Lumi, Note Air, Note3 and Nova3, we launch Poke3. It’s our smallest E Ink device, but it has the same powerful chip and software as its “big brothers.”

What makes Poke3 a better buying decision than the highly-rated Poke 2? …

Find out the most suitable Note model

BOOX Note3, Note Air and Note2
BOOX Note3, Note Air and Note2

In the last two months, BOOX releases two models in its 10.3-inch Note line to better satisfy different user needs.

Although Note Air and Note3 have a totally different design and a large specification gap, users will get indecisive in the purchase.

Therefore, this post will walk you through these two great new device’s main differences and help you figure out which one suits you best. Also, we’ll add Note2 to the contest to give a comprehensive view.

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Why Choose Note3
-Why Choose Note Air
-Why Choose Note2
-Take A Quick Quiz to Determine The Most Suitable…

How different is it from the other BOOX styluses?

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BOOX Pen, as the specialized stylus made for Note Air, features a magnetic body, 4096-level pressure sensitivity, ergonomic design with a large diameter, and a stiff nib that brings you excellent writing experience. But how different is it from the other BOOX styluses?What makes BOOX Pen unique? You’re here for decryption, let’s dive in!

Stand Out with a Special Refill

Unlike active Bluetooth pens, BOOX styluses are the passive capacitive ones that don’t require a battery to write on E Ink screens. But what makes BOOX Pen stand out is its Shinonome GII refill.

The refill and the pen shaft design are the two most significant factors when considering to buy a pen. …



BOOX transforms your reading, writing, note-taking and drawing experience on E-Ink Tablets and Ebook Readers. Follow us for more latest updates.

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