Buy it if you want to get an eye-friendly, colorful experience.

E Ink color ePaper technology, Kaleido, has developed so fast since its release last year. The latest Kaleido version, Kaleido Plus, has already met the market with the debut of BOOX Nova3 Color and only available to 7.8inch devices this year.

Many users wonder if they should buy the color E Ink device Nova3 Color, or whether color E Ink devices are suitable for them. This article shows you what you should know about before purchasing the color E Ink reader Nova3 Color.

6 Things to Know Before Buying BOOX Nova3 Color
-Nova3 Color Is Different from LED/LCD Tablets
-It’s A Highly…

🙌 July for football and the Olympics

2020 is an unexpected year for all of us. Fortunately, the highly anticipated events, including UEFA Euro 2020 and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, kicked off successfully in 2021, rekindling our passion for sports games.

No matter how bad things get, eventually the sun is going to shine. Let’s enjoy the summer of 2021🍺, and look forward to more surprises in the following months.

🛫 Time to travel

Read epub, mobi, awz3, and more ebooks on your trip

Travelling is picking up along with the sports games: While the vaccination rate rises and more places ended lockdown, travel time finally comes. For bookworms, it is more convenient to bring a lightweight…

BOOX is the E Ink reader that never ties you. Instead, it helps you effortlessly read more.

The best eReaders are portable, solid and powerful.

Among all the BOOX E Ink tablets, BOOX Note Air, Nova3 Color and Nova3 are the best ebook readers for ePub, Mobi, Awz3 and other reflowable formats. Because they offer a great reading experience either with an ergonomic design, a colorful screen or a lightweight form.

But these are not the only reasons that make them stand out. Their Android system and versatile features make reading ebooks so enjoyable and flexible.

Enjoy your favorite stories in the best eReaders for ebooks and reflowable formats.

Ebooks are digital. Carrying ebooks around is more convenient than carrying real books. There’re many ways to read ebooks on the trip, commute, home, and offices, such as reader apps for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android. But the best way to read ebooks always remains with an ebook reader.

Ebook readers use an E Ink screen that doesn’t emit light like LED and LCD screens on your smartphones and computers.

They’re power-efficient, eye-friendly with high contrast and low reflectiveness even in the sunlight. So you can enjoy your favorite stories wherever you are.

TABLE OF CONTENTWhat device is…

🔑 June Keyword: Fathers’ Day

Father’s Day 2021 is around the corner. So how are you going to celebrate it with Dad? BOOX gets some recommendations for you.

We launched a Father’s Day Gift Guide, which includes our picks for gifting dads a cool E Ink tablet. The eReaders in this guide happen to have discounts at the official BOOX shop before June 20. So it’s the best time to get Dads an excellent E Ink reader gift. (📢The mid-year special offers will expire in three days — if you haven’t got them yet, don’t miss out!)

👂 Hear what users say

Max Lumi meets reMarkable

Since our launch…

Whether you’re annotating ebooks, writing notes or reading scanned texts, you can change them to texts.

Notability and GoodNotes are famous for their handwriting recognition bundle. iPad can recognize handwritten texts since iPad OS 14. And OneNote from Microsoft has offered conversion services for a long time. That’s to say, converting handwriting to texts is an essential feature for most advanced note-taking apps and gadgets.

Besides the mentioned devices and apps, BOOX E Ink tablets can also convert handwriting to texts for free. Whether you’re annotating ebooks, writing notes or reading scanned texts, you can change them to texts for further application.

TABLE OF CONTENTHow to Convert Handwriting to Texts
Double Tapping in NeoReader

Help people with disabilities or different preferences to read books effortlessly.

BOOX believes that all users have the right to enjoy books by reading, listening and whatever means. So we’ve been working hard to offer the tools and features on all BOOX E Ink tablets to help people with special needs or different preferences to read books effortlessly. Based on a powerful firmware and open Android system, BOOX devices can make content easier to read.

The Accessibility Features on BOOX E Ink Tablets· Flexible Book Content
· Reading Tools (Contrast, font size, line paddings and more)
· Text-to-Speech and Speech-to-Text
· Customizable Contrast and Comfortable Light
· Gravity Sensor and Left-handed Mode
· Navigation Ball…

For the bookworm and tech-savvy dads.

While May comes to its end, Father’s Day is approaching. And it’s the best time to send an eReader as a gift to the bookworm dad.

Among all the eReaders, Kindle, Kobo and Nook are brands that are often mentioned. But they are all tied with their ecosystem and offer limited flexibility. Compared to them, Onyx BOOX with an open Android system is an excellent gift option for tech-savvy dads who like reading books and want to relieve eye strain.

Recommeded BOOX E Ink tablets as 2021 Father’s Day Gift
Recommeded BOOX E Ink tablets as 2021 Father’s Day Gift
Recommended BOOX E Ink tablets as 2021 Father’s Day Gift

BOOX V3.1 Firmware Introduction Part Five

One of the most significant features of V3.1 Firmware is that NeoReader supports free Optical Character Recognition (OCR). This means BOOX users can use OCR to convert handwriting on the images to text. Moreover, the Text-to-Speech (TTS) makes OCR even more helpful.

Table of Content· How to Use OCR in NeoReader
· How Does OCR Benefit to Work and Study?
· How Many Times Can I Use OCR for Free?

How to Use OCR in NeoReader

  • Open a book in the NeoReader.
  • Tap the center of the screen of the three-line button on the floating toolbar to call out the top menu.

Can’t wait to see your story in BOOX Content Hub.

Every day, hundreds of users share their reading, note-taking and multi-tasking experience with BOOX E Ink tablets on social media. Some posts gained dozens of thumbs up because they resonated with many others. However, social media is limited in in-depth content conveyance and retention. Many awesome posts are alive for only weeks or even one day. They get buried in the timeline and get harder to surface as time passes by.

Excellent stories and posts don’t have to be ephemeral. They deserve preservation and better sharing. This is why we’re inviting you to join our Medium publication BOOX Content Hub.


BOOX transforms your reading, writing, note-taking and drawing experience on E-Ink Tablets and Ebook Readers. Follow us for more latest updates.

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