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To create delightful reading and writing experience.

At the end of 2021 Summer, we release BOOX Nova Air, a portable 7.8’’ E Ink reader designed for reading and writing on the go. It’s lighter and thinner with a brand-new design. …

🎒 Get a better state when going back to school and office.

What does August mean? For students, it means the back-to-school season. For other people, it can be a new start. …

Do better in study, work and life.

August can be a new start for everyone. Whether you are heading to school or the office, an eye-friendly gadget can always enhance productivity.

That’s why we’re including BOOX E Ink tablets Note Air and Nova3 Color in our back-to-school promo: Note Air offers $24 off and Nova3 Color offers…

🙌 July for football and the Olympics

2020 is an unexpected year for all of us. Fortunately, the highly anticipated events, including UEFA Euro 2020 and Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, kicked off successfully in 2021, rekindling our passion for sports games.

No matter how bad things get, eventually the sun is going to shine. Let’s enjoy the…

BOOX is the E Ink reader that never ties you. Instead, it helps you effortlessly read more.

The best eReaders are portable, solid and powerful.

Among all the BOOX E Ink tablets, BOOX Note Air, Nova3 Color and Nova3 are the best ebook readers for ePub, Mobi, Awz3 and other reflowable formats. …

Enjoy your favorite stories in the best eReaders for ebooks and reflowable formats.

Ebooks are digital. Carrying ebooks around is more convenient than carrying real books. There’re many ways to read ebooks on the trip, commute, home, and offices, such as reader apps for Mac, Windows, iPad, iPhone, and Android. But the best way to read ebooks always remains with an ebook reader.

🔑 June Keyword: Fathers’ Day

Father’s Day 2021 is around the corner. So how are you going to celebrate it with Dad? BOOX gets some recommendations for you.

We launched a Father’s Day Gift Guide, which includes our picks for gifting dads a cool E Ink tablet. The eReaders in this guide happen to have…

Whether you’re annotating ebooks, writing notes or reading scanned texts, you can change them to texts.

Notability and GoodNotes are famous for their handwriting recognition bundle. iPad can recognize handwritten texts since iPad OS 14. And OneNote from Microsoft has offered conversion services for a long time. That’s to say, converting handwriting to texts is an essential feature for most advanced note-taking apps and gadgets.


Help people with disabilities or different preferences to read books effortlessly.

BOOX believes that all users have the right to enjoy books by reading, listening and whatever means. So we’ve been working hard to offer the tools and features on all BOOX E Ink tablets to help people with special needs or different preferences to read books effortlessly. …

For the bookworm and tech-savvy dads.

While May comes to its end, Father’s Day is approaching. And it’s the best time to send an eReader as a gift to the bookworm dad.

Among all the eReaders, Kindle, Kobo and Nook are brands that are often mentioned. But they are all tied with their ecosystem and offer…


BOOX transforms your reading, writing, note-taking and drawing experience on E-Ink Tablets and Ebook Readers. Follow us for more latest updates.

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