Best E Ink Tablets for Reading Large-Format PDFs

Don’t let tiny LCD devices emitting blue light strain your eyes.

5 min readAug 6, 2020
BOOX Note2

PDF is one of the most important computer digital file formats. Many academic and scientific materials use pdf format because of its great features.

However, numerous users hate PDFs.

It’s compact, but it can be multiple larger than an epub ebook, which requires a powerful processor to transmit and open PDFs over 100MB. It’s secure, but the watermarks will cover some words, making some information hard to recognize.

It can remain the same format in whatever device to protect the page size and information from reproduction, but it also makes it hard for screens smaller than the original size to correctly display the content. Also, if you love reading PDF with LCD devices, such as iPads, tablets and laptops, the blue light will strain your eyes.

The only solution is reading PDF files on an E Ink screen. It’ll be better if the screen is large, over 10inch.

Onyx BOOX Max Lumi

BOOX Max Lumi

Digital files save trees from sacrificing for being printing paper, but reading PDFs on small LCD screens can no longer be endurable. You need a big E Ink screen close to an A4-size paper to help you read large-format PDFs comfortably.

Among big E Ink tablets, 13.3" BOOX Max Lumi is the most suitable device for showing academic papers, essays, scientific papers, and other large-format PDF materials. On Max Lumi, you can read A4-size PDFs with 16px words without continuous scrolling and zooming.

The size is not the only factor that makes Max Lumi stand out in the market, as Sony also provides 13.3inch eReaders. BOOX’s powerful built-in NeoReader combined its large size makes Max Lumi a killer E Ink tablet for big documents.

In the NeoReader, you can adjust the display and contrast of texts and even reflow them. The display panel enables you to crop margins to adapt the content area to the display, which is particularly helpful if you read PDFs with wide margins. Also, you can set up pagination to make the pages flow like you’re reading on mobile. In this way, you can improve your reading efficiency.

BOOX Max Lumi
BOOX Max Lumi

The Contrast settings also provide great value for reading PDFs. You can remove the watermark and adjust the contrast of images and texts separately. For instance, when you find the files’ pictures are too dark while the text color is too light to read, you can modify their contrast to different levels to achieve a better display effect.

The NeoReader is so powerful which helps 13.3’’ Max Lumi render the max readability of PDFs. You can now buy Max Lumiwith free accessories in BOOX Shop and Amazon, saving you $80 from the original price.

Onyx BOOX Note Air

BOOX Note Air

As many pdf files are created at letter size (8.5*11) or are scanned version of A4 documents, large E Ink tablets over 10inch can be essential for showing PDF documents if you want to enjoy reading them without much effort and eyestrain.

Any E Ink device smaller than 10inch can hardly display the content decently and requires a lot of scrolling in all directions and zooming, especially when the texts and images are small.

BOOX’s 10.3’’ Note Air with 227dpi is a bit smaller than the letter-size page, but PDF files can already have a fabulous display on it. In addition to its size advantage, the most important feature on Note Air is its versatile note-taking features.

Many times you need to annotate on PDF files but only find the editor ugly and useless. With Note Air, you can take notes and annotate on PDFs and other kinds of files, including mobi, ePub, and DjVu.

You can highlight the words with dark or light grey color and underline the texts with various patterns. When you’re reading PDFs in foreign languages, you can long-press the words to look it up in the dictionary or translate the whole page in the split view.

BOOX Note Air

The split view is a great feature when you need to take notes on PDFs.

When the original file’s spacing area is too small for note-taking, the split-view mode helps you take notes with the built-in Note app. Therefore, you can add as many pages you want and leverage its practical tools, such as templates and lasso, to create content-rich, organized notes.

After you’re finished, you can sync the notes as a whole file with BOOX Assistant.

BOOX users believe that Note Air is the all-rounder in the BOOX family. Now the Note Air bundle with free accessories at $479.99 is available in BOOX Shop. If you want a larger E Ink device as powerful as Note Air you can check out BOOX Max Lumi.

Alternative Devices

If you’re not large E Ink device fans, you can consider smaller ones. BOOX 7.8’’ Nova3 Color and Nova3 are also equipped with the up-to-date NeoReader version. As they’re much smaller than the other two BOOX family models, they can display pdf better in landscape mode. Also, their sizes make them more portable.

If you’d like other brands other than BOOX: Kindle, Nook and Kobo eReaders can also display pdfs. They’re smaller than 7inch averagely, which makes them convenient for reading ebooks too.




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