BOOX Firmware V2.3 is Available for Update Now

After a three-month wait, firmware V2.3 is finally here for updates. You can now go to Settings Firmware Update — Check for Updates to update via OTA. Alternatively, you can go to our Support page to download the update package, then transfer to your BOOX to update. Please make sure of backing up your data before updating. If you have any problem with the update, please get in touch with us either by E-mail ( or by Facebook messenger.

The firmware will be available for Note2, Nova2 and Max3 first. The update for other models will be gradually rolled out. Please follow our Facebook and Twitter pages for the release news.

The new firmware has fixed a lot of bugs that have been reported previously and has introduced several new features for a better user experience. We understand how important continuous improvement is to our devices. Our team works hard and takes all users’ requests seriously. Here is a quick glimpse of V2.3.

Now let us take a quick look at some new features that may interest you.


Reading Statistics

This page will summarize your reading activities on the device and it can be synced to ONYX Cloud. It will display how long you’ve read today, how many books you have read and how many books you have completed cumulatively. You can have quick access to highlights and annotations here. The Average Reading Time Distribution will show you when you spend most of the time in reading, which can help you manage your reading time better.

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Scrolling Reading Mode on PDF books

The continuous scrolling reading mode is usually only available for normal tablets. But we would like BOOX users to enjoy hassle-free of turning pages when reading even on E Ink devices. When you open a PDF book, pop up the reading menu first, then go to Format — Display — Pagination, tap the second icon to start Scrolling Reading mode.

Floating Toolbar

Introducing Floating Toolbar. It is intended to avoid hand interference and covering up the text on the top of the screen. You can expand or hide the Floating Toolbar easily. The Toolbar comes with quick access to the Scribble menu, enable/disable palm rejection, reading menu, page-turn arrows.

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Other new features include:

1. handwritten Notes on PDF can be editable now even when transferred to other devices

2. Users can add Password to individual documents in the Library to protect your privacy.


The most important new feature added to Notes is that users can sync their notes to ONYX Cloud and then can check the synced notes on other devices including other BOOX, Mobile phones, other tablets or PC. After logging in Onyx Account, users just need to tap the sync icon on the upper right corner of the screen to sync all notepads or selected notepads. Alternatively, users can enable the features when closing or opening a notepad, the notepad will be automatically synced to the Cloud.

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1. Users now can change the font size of their devices for personal preference. There are four font sizes available.

2. Users can add up to 9 custom buttons to Navigation Ball for quicker access to different functions.

3. Through Push function, users can share web articles from their phone or PC with their BOOX and read the articles from BOOX easily. Through WiFiTransfer, users can easily send books and documents from PC to their BOOX as well.

4. Feedback System

In order to solve the problems quicker and better, this version of firmware has improved the feedback system located on Settings. When encountering an issue, users can quickly send feedback along with attachments to our engineering team who will be able to act quickly and help solve the problem in a timely manner. The new version of feedback support replies directly on BOOX and all feedback history is available for check any time.

Please check the full list of V2.3 changelog here

ONYX BOOX is the only company in the global market that specializes in Developments and Sales & Marketing of E Ink devices ranging from 5.8” E Ink phone to 13.3 inch E Ink tablets. BOOX’s mission is to transform your reading and writing (note-taking) experience on Ebook Readers and E Ink Tablets.

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BOOX transforms your reading, writing, note-taking and drawing experience on E-Ink Tablets and Ebook Readers. Follow us for more latest updates.

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