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Are you still trapped into your endless work documents in office? Or are you trying to crank out your dissertation close to the deadline? Come on, let’s forget about it and take an adventure to an alluring city with enough natural beauty. The Barcelona is one of those dream cities.

Barcelona is a city settled surround by mountains on three sides that obstruct chill whereas the Mediterranean in the south makes the climate of it warm and mild. Sunshine, beaches, sea wind, waves, sand and weekends are the classic pictures of Barcelona. It has approximately 1.7 million inhabitants and has the peculiarity that it speaks two languages: Spanish and Catalan. It’s a big city but relaxing.

The Sagrade Familia Cathedral

This cathedral is the most renowned landmark of Barcelona. The constructon, designed by Catalan architect Antoni Gaudí (1852–1926), was commenced in 1882 and is going to be completed in 2026 — the centenary of Gaudí’s death.

To get closer, you would see the splendid building precisely. The design of it reveals natural ridges, caves, plants, and animals with a huge combination of spires, curves and parabolas, no even a straight line or a plane. It’s pretty amazing!

The Food

As the special location of Barcelona, people get ingredients from both the mountains and the sea. Pork, rabbit meat, scallops, lobster, different kinds of meat and seafood are common food on dinner tables.

Paella is a traditional dish of Spain, which consists of white rice, green beans, meat, sometimes duck sometimes snails, and seasonings such as saffron and rosemary. You would not forget that wonderful flavor once you taste it.

The Festival

There are a host of engaging festivals in Barcelona. To experience these festivals are the best way to learn about the local culture. The most interesting one is the La Mercè in 24th, September.

The festival has been celebrated since the Middle Ages when, in 1687, Barcelona suffered a plague of locusts. To fight against insects, the Consell de Cent, which then governed the city, voted to ask the Virgin of Grace’s assistance. When the city was delivered from the pestilence, she was named patroness of the city of Barcelona. Since that time, an annual festival has been celebrated in the city in honor of the Virgin.

This activity is called Castells. The construction of building human tower on street requires strength, courage, balance and cooperation, in the arrangement of strong men to be the base of tower, women and children.

In the activity Correfoc, a group of individuals will dress as devils and light fireworks, fixed on devil’s pitchforks or strung above the route. Dancing to the sound of a rhythmic drum group, they set off their fireworks among crowds of spectators. The spectators that participate dress to protect themselves against small burns and attempt to get as close as possible to the devils, running with the fire.

In general, the city is more beautiful when you live on the street. Long walks through the streets of Barcelona is recommended, as the distances are not very long. And life on the street is part of the lifestyle in Barcelona. Just picture that you ramble on a neat street, sketch a well-preserved medieval cathedral on a tablet with a sound of the bell, listen to your favorite music in the sunset. Anyway, it’s the life, isn’t it?

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