Do You Prefer Hand Writing or Photo Notes

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Indeed, the science is expanding so quickly that corresponding convenience comes up in our daily life. Folks used to do things in traditional ways but the trend is, they unconsciously accept a more effective and simpler way. For instance, the dish-washing machine releases your hands, the FaceTime saves meeting time, and even shopping online instead of queuing in Black Friday. Actually, the modern advances are not supposed to be condemned, however, is it really good to simplify each and every traditional way we have?

Following is a usual circumstance after when a lecturer asks students to take a note. It’s controversial that whether students should taking notes by hand writing or photos.

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(1) Photos Notes

A number of lecturers think that students taking notes with phone and tablet cameras was a useful strategy. It saves time, enhancing the process, especially where tons of notes over there on a blackboard. Even worse, writing things down takes some kids a long time and causes them to fall so far behind the lecturers that they miss the whole lesson.

Efficiency is important. Just like staffs used to write by hand but now typing is the most significant work in an office.

(2) Hand Writing Notes

However, some commenters view it as evidence of bad teaching, kids’ laziness, and the dumbing down of the next generation. Most people who objected pointed out that writing things down helps students to memorize and creates new neural pathways. they view note taking as an integral part of the lesson, not busywork.

Faster does not mean better. Hand writing actually influences your cognitive processes in a way that slows you down, and helps forge creativity and new ideas.

Anyway, would the students review the notes on their phones after class, with so many distractions?

After all of these points, what do you think of it?

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