How to Transfer files from PC to your BOOX

Reading long articles or books on computers can not only cause eye fatigue easily but also reduce the concentration of reading. BOOX, therefore, introduced Onyx Cloud from firmware V2.3. Onyx Cloud provides the following three functions as for now:

1. Sync notes from BOOX devices and view the notes on different devices, including Mobiles, tablets, computers, and other BOOX devices.

2. Transfer files or send news/web articles from other devices to BOOX

3. Back up notes to the Cloud

This article will show you how to transfer files and share web articles from your PC to your BOOX.

  • Open the web browser on your computer and enter
  • Log in your Onyx Account: you can choose to log in your Onyx Account with either Mobile number or E-Mail address. You do not need to sign up first. You just need to enter either your phone number or email address, then click “ verification code”. You will receive a verification code and then enter it to the verification code field, click “sign-in”. Please use the same Onyx Account as the one you used to log in on your BOOX devices.

After you log in, you will see three options — Notes, Push, and Backup — on the toolbar at the top of your screen.


Under this option you will be able to see all the notes that you have synced from your BOOX devices. Local Notes refer to the notes that you have taken on the Note app of your BOOX while Reading Notes refer to the notes that you have taken under the Split View when you read your books. You can preview, print, and download your notes on this page.


On this page you will be able to transfer files and send web articles to your BOOX.

Transfer files to your BOOX

You can simply drag a file from your computer to the marked area, or select a file from your computer. After you select or drop the file, the file will be automatically pushed to your BOOX. You will be able to see the uploading progress on the marked area. Once uploading is done, the file will appear on the Push history.

Send news/web articles to your BOOX

This works differently from transferring files to your BOOX. You will just need to copy and paste the web address of the articles or news that you want to read on your BOOX to the marked area, then click “Push”. The Push button will go gray while the push is in progress. You will see a notification saying “ Push successfully” on the screen once it is done. Then webpage name will appear on the Push History. All pushed webpages are automatically converted to ePUB format. This means you will read the web articles or news in ePUB format on your BOOX.

How to check the Push files or articles on your BOOX

Turn on your BOOX, go to Apps / Transfer Books / Push Files. When your BOOX is connected with WiFi, the newly pushed files will be automatically downloaded to your BOOX. You can read the pushed files just like any other local books: highlight, take notes, translate, look up the dictionary, change text formats… Once the files are downloaded, you can go to Storage / Push to manage all the pushed files. The Library will also include the book-format files and all pushed webpage articles from Push history.


On this page you can see the Notes Backup you’ve synced from your BOOX and Recycle Bin which displays all deleted notes history. You can recover the notes within 10 days after you delete the notes. After 10 days, the deleted files will be emptied from Onyx Cloud.

How to back up your Notes

Turn your BOOX on, then go to Settings / Account Management / Onyx Account / Note Cloud Backup, you will arrive at Backup and Recover page. Tap the Cloud icon on the right upper corner, enter a backup notes name, then tap OK. The backup process will start. After the backup is done, you will be able to see the backup notes on your computer. If you want to download your backup notes to your BOOX, just tap the Cloud icon at the end of each backup file.


Aside from transferring files through Onyx Cloud, you can also transfer files to your BOOX from your computer via WiFi instantly. Please ensure your computer and your BOOX connected with the same network.

  • Go to Apps / Transfer Books / WiFi Transfer. You will see a web address composed of numbers on the page.
  • Enter the web address to the web browser on your computer.
  • Click “ Upload Files” to select a file from your computer. 100% of Status means transfer completed.
  • Check the same file on your BOOX by tapping “ WiFi Transfer History” at the bottom of the Wi-Fi Transfer page on your BOOX device.

We hope you enjoy using your BOOX devices and this new feature would help you read more news and articles on your BOOX.

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