Onyx Boox Footprint on Frankfurt Buchmesse 2018

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Congratulations on the success of the Frankfurt Buchmesse 2018, which was well-organized, well-balanced, and had a very outstanding theme. We wish Frankfurt Buchmesse further achievements, and hope for continued cooperation next year.

What made the book fair so successful is that the folks’ reading desire, German emphasis on education as well as the children reading consciousness. A tremendous number of parents brought their adorable children to enjoy reading from booth to booth, which sheerly touched us. We were glad to see so many people still love reading. All the way, reading never leave us alone, not just companioning with books, but also with families and friends.

Also, thanks to the enthusiasm of visitors, Onyx Boox achieved a lot during the five-day book fair. As we saw, most of the booths showed the real books while Onyx Boox tried hard to promote the E-reader in front of thousands of visitors. There was no exaggeration in saying that it’s the first step of book innovation.

A guest from Italy who’s really creative got a custom-made dual-screen Boox Max 2 for music scores. Imagination move towards the future. We are happy to hear what you need anytime and anywhere.

With great honor, Onyx Boox came across a beautiful art teacher and here are the fabulous artwork she left on Boox Nova, Note Plus and Max2 Pro in Frankfurt Buchmesse.

As a matter of fact, besides the three models mentioned about, there were more featured products we offered, including 10.3” Boox Note, 9.7” Boox Note S and 13.3” Max2. However, Max 2 Pro was absolutely the most significant one, which was specifically designed for Onyx 10th anniversary. Different from the general black appearance, Max2 Pro was adopted to be white, which looked more precise and elegant. Its storage and RAM doubled the Max 2, which was 64GB and 4GB respectively. It’s strongly recommended if you have a high requirement on device capacity and RAM.

As for 7.8" Boox Nova, out of the ordinary, it had front lights as an eye protecting E-reader, which could be adjusted to warmer light for outside in dark and to colder for inside reading. It’s badly cool.

The 6" Boox Poke, was designed for the needs of readers who eager to read anytime and anywhere outside. To be portable is essential to meet such a requirement. As the name said, it was light and small enough to put inside a poke with you.

In the end, we sincerely appreciate for all visitors to Frankfurt Buchmesse. And it’s pretty excellent to see so many fans who paid close attention to Onyx Boox.

For more information, please visit: http://www.boox.com

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