Onyx Boox Footprint on Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2018

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Hong Kong Electronics Fair Autumn Edition, is organized by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC) and to be held at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in October every year. It is dedicated to showcasing top of the range brand names and stylish products in an exclusive and magnificent setting. It also comprises of important tech elements including 3D Printing, Robotics & Unmanned Tech, Smart Tech, Startup and Virtual Reality. In such a solemn fair, Onyx Boox formally showed up the newest E-ink technologies in the spotlight.

At the first place, there was no doubt that the newest product was the Signage with 42” or 31” screen, which was large enough to catch people’s eye. Signate was absolutely the hugest E-ink screen you had ever seen. Saw how a large screen and E-ink technology came together for a truly realistic paper display. Powered by the newest E-ink craft, the Signage was able to master different grayscale for enhanced color contrast. Everything you read came to paper with precise and vivid details.

Secondly, a totally innovative exhibit was present to our eye — — E-label, which was used to display information. The information on labels might need to be changed in some situation like price adjustment and new products on stock. E-label did help to modify the information in a simple way. The E-label is probably adopted in the areas of stores, hospitals, banks as substitutions of electronic monitors in the future.

In addition, the colored E-ink is always an ultimate application for the possibilities of comics, magazines, and textbooks. The colored E-ink is not mature enough for wide use for now. Anyway, the advanced technology was shown up with a 10.7” colored E-ink screen up to date this time. The Onyx Youngy Boox was a new E-reader that was able to displayed things in colors. This device was primarily aimed at the educational sector and had a camera on the back to take pictures of homework and it also had a microphone and stereo speakers to playback lectures. It was only going to be made available in China and not internationally.

For more information about Onyx Boox, please visit http://www.boox.com.

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