Boox Note2 went on sale on Friday, 1st November, around the world. Boox Note2 joined the Note lineup and features an Octa-core processor, Android 9.0 OS, fingerprint scanner, OTG support, and many others, which are the same specs as the recently released Boox Max3. More than that, Boox Note2 has something that Boox Max3 does not have. Let’s take a closer look today on what new features the Boox Note2 has.


The Boox Note2 comes equipped with an Octa-core 2.0GHz Processor to support high-speed computing and 4GB of RAM for smooth performance, letting the E-ink device response faster than ever. It has a 10.3-inch E Ink screen with a resolution of 1872*1404 (227 DPI). Its screen is completely flush with the bezel and there is a glass lens on the display. It has the capability to interact with the accompanied stylus, which has 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Besides what has been mentioned above, the most impressive thing is the size of the device — 10.3 inches. Boox Note 2 is ergonomically designed for professional users. Its size and weight make Boox Note2 can be grasped effortlessly, and at the same time, the 10.3-inch screen is the perfect size for reading, writing, and sketching.

Like last-generation Note series, Boox Note2 also has front lights, which Boox Max3 does not have. Benefit from the adjustable color temperature front lights to fit your reading in any environment. Have an immersive reading experience by simply selecting the lights from cold to warm, warm to light or blending them together.

In addition, Onyx applies a black appearance for Boox Note2 but the back shell is blackish green, which adds a distinct sense of style. This eReader blends conservative business with stylish design. This is the first time Onyx uses such a color for its eReaders.

Sometimes we do not want anybody to see what we have written. Boox Note2 incorporates a fingerprint scanner on the back button for maximum convenience and security. Unlock your device and personal notes by a single press, and no need to remember passwords.

To surf on this E-ink device is also amazing. You can experience an unprecedented network speed on the eReader with 5GHz Wi-Fi. it provides blazing quick data speeds with low latency, giving you the power to download and transfer files.

Of course, you still need a high-quality battery that lets you enjoy all these things. Boox Note2’s powerful 4,300mAh battery lasts for a full 14 hours in continuous reading while 45 days in standby mode. Users can use fast USB-C charging to charge Boox Note2 quickly.


The software experience is equally impressive. To transform into a typewriter-like experience, you just need to add an Android-compatible keyboard to Boox Note2. With the OTG support, mouse, USB drive, SD card are allowed to connect to your eReader and do not have to install any driver. Take full advantage of the Note app that works in a split view on Boox Note2. The books or notes simultaneously share the screen at an equal size so you can easily refer to related content in two documents, so you can read like there are two real books side by side on your hand.

The writing experience is great. You can simply write and sketch in several shades of gray with precision and control for lively drawing, making the stroke look more natural than ever. Now Boox Note2 allows adding images to your notes such as illustrations, statistics charts, screenshot, letting your notes be more detailed and persuasive.

One more new feature to Boox Note2 is the phrase translation. You can simply select the word, phrase or sentence in any e-book, the embedded Google Translate will display the translated phrase within seconds, offering so much more than a word-to-word translator for work and study.

Boox Max3 has a micro HDMI port whereas Boox Note2 does not. For those users who want to make it as a secondary monitor, to download some specific third-party apps is highly recommended. For instance, you can install the app Spacedesk to your desktop or laptop, and also to your Note2, then you can wirelessly mirror your desktop screen on it and control everything of your desktop or laptop. This is quite useful for readers who need to work with a computer for a long time every day.

Boox Note2 is now available on the official Boox Shop. The regular price is $549. The first 100 buyers can get tons of accessories for free, including a case cover, screen protector, adapter, stylus tether, and a USB-C hub.

To learn more about Boox Note2, please visit Boox Shop:

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