Onyx Unveils BOOX Max3 in IFA Berlin 2019

As usual, Sept is a relatively busy month for electronics lovers since IFA 2019 would be held from 6th to 11th Sept. Unlike many other exhibitions, IFA is opened to the public, meaning anyone can go an marvel at the latest and greatest technology. In this exhibition, visitors could see so many great tech companies including Qualcomm, Huawei, Roku, and Arcelik showed countless latest innovative consumer electronics. Standing in front of BOOX booths, it’s surprising to see a significant E-ink product here.

Onyx has launched out a new eReader called BOOX Max3 in IFA 2019. This eReader features an Android 9.0 OS. Even though Android 9.0 is not a new thing for mobile phones, it is absolutely a breakthrough for eReaders because a majority of eReaders use Android 6.0 on the market. A higher Android version means lower vulnerability and higher compatibility. In another word, with Android 9.0, BOOX Max3 have better security features and will be able to support all of the modern apps. This is a very significant milestone marking the advent of a new era for Android eReaders.

Underneath the hood is a 2GHz Octa-core processor, 4GB of RAM, 64GB of storage. This is the first time Onyx employs an Octa-core processor and it dramatically increases running speed, refresh rate, and other performance of navigating around the device. On the other hand, high-performance cores are only used for high-cost programs as necessary, so BOOX Max3 has advantages in improving power efficiency and extending battery life than other single-core devices.

The industrial design of the BOOX Max3 is rock solid, it feels like a premium ultra-thin and ultra-light tablet, especially there is only a single physical back button with a fingerprint sensor on it. It has a fingerprint recognition feature that strengthens the security of your personal information, and unlock your device by just tapping a finger on the back button.

What’s more interesting is, Max3 supports 5G GHz Wi-Fi which is a trending tech on the market. With a 5G network, Max3 is capable of surfing online through unprecedented speed in the palm of your hand. 5G network, directly or indirectly, boosts app compatibility, data transfer, and the Cloud-related features for eReaders. It is promising that eReaders will be adopted in more situations connecting to the Internet.

Currently, a great number of mobile phones support OTG, and so does Max3. Max3 has a USB-C port that allows it to connect peripherals such as a wired keyboard, mice, TF cards and other USB devices without having to install any driver. This extends the storage of Max3. Users no longer worry about there is no enough space to install apps or store large size e-books.

One of the major advantages of an E Ink display for a secondary monitor is that there is no backlight or front light, so it is easy on the eyes. Max3 has an HDMI port that can connect up to your PC and acts as a secondary monitor. The software for the secondary monitor is excellent. It has four refresh modes used for different situations such as browsing the web or programming with different refresh rate and contrast.

BOOX Max3 features a 13.3-inch E-ink Mobius and Carta display and a resolution of 2200×1650 and 207 DPI. It has a WACOM screen for the stylus and a capacitive touchscreen for interactions involving swipes and gestures. The Max3 will also feature a PMMA based display, so the screen will not get damaged no matter how hard you press on the stylus. And at the same time, PMMA based display offers a vivid handwriting experience like on real paper. And the accompanied Wacom stylus has 4096 levels pressure sensitivity is capable of thick or thin lines.

The industrial design of the BOOX Max3 is rock solid, it feels like a premium ultra-thin and ultra-light tablet. The dimensions are 309.8×227.8×6.8 mm and it weighs 490g.

There is a single physical home button. The speakers are on the bottom. One mic is on top, another one is on the bottom.

Also, there are large improvements in software. For instance, the BOOX Max3 can rotate the screen view like a smartphone, split the display when reading two documents at the same time, offer scribble in different gray levels, and allow to insert images to notes.

It won’t be long until we can see more details about BOOX Max3 as it will be soon available on Amazon as well as BOOX official online shop.

Last but not least, as we know BOOX Max3 features an Android 9.0 OS and the previous products are still having Android 6.0. Onyx officially claimed that there will be an OS update for those models from Android 6.0 to 9.0. Onyx is trying to make it possible for more users to own a modern Android eReader in the near future.

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