The 4 Things You Have to Know about Boox Firmware V1.9.1 Upgrade

With the goal of improving the user experience and enhancing the stability of system, the new firmware version 1.9.1 has been released for over a week. Users can update firmware V1.9.1 for now from Cloud. Go to Settings / About / System Update / Check update from cloud, then follow the update instruction. If you’ve got any problems with update, please get in touch with or talk to us via Facebook Messenger.

Compared to previous version, V1.9.1 has several obvious improvements and highlights:

Aside from some bug fixes, this version significantly improves the book loading time by 30% to 50% for different book formats. Reading on large screen is always pleasant thing to do. We therefore aim to provide you with seamless reading experience on all BOOX devices.

Users now can import PDF templates to our Note App on top of jpg format. Please do not import large PDF template as it may impact the speed of saving, exporting and notes syncing. In this new firmware version, we also add Connell and McKinsey note templates. Unlike other rival products of BOOX, users have no limitation to the templates and can choose the templates they love.

Users can set screen-locker password to protect their privacy: we always keep this in mind as we respect the privacy of our users very much. Finally, we introduce this function in V1.9.1. But please read the instruction careful before you set up your passwords.

Due to the limitation of E Ink screens, the Android Apps in the markets do not perform very well on our E Ink tablets. In order to provide better user experience to our users, BOOX introduces the EInk App store, which gathers the most frequently used Apps for our EInk Android Tablets. Now users can download the Apps directly from the store. The App store will include more and more Apps as time goes by.

5. Others

Other complementary upgrades are about to fix the bugs relevant to the storage, page number, zoom, handwriting, export, erasing and options. Add new functions “finger touch disabled” and optimize power consumption.

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