The Way to Add Dictionaries to Your Boox

3 min readSep 27, 2019


A dictionary is a vital tool for anyone who is reading a book in the second language. With a good dictionary you can find translations of a word in your language. Sometimes even if you are reading in your mother language, there are a few words you’ve never seen before, especially when you are reading books like Game Of Thrones, in which the author Author George R.R. Martin specifically created some new words and phrases that do not exist in any normal English dictionary. You need a specific vocabulary instead.

According to the official statistics, above 1,000 new words, senses, and subentries were collected and added to the Oxford English Dictionary every year. It can be predicted that there will be an increasing tendency in the coming years. Therefore, it is literally necessary to have an updated dictionary with you. Let’s talk about how to look for a free dictionary and add it to your Boox today!

Firstly, you are supposed are search the dictionary files with the keyword “StarDict”. For example, when you search “English German StarDict dictionary”, thousands of results are out there on Google.

Here are some recommended sites from which you can download dictionaries. Of course, you can find more on Google.

After unzipping the downloaded file, make sure the file expanded-name are dz, idx and ifo, then go up and rename the folder “Eng-Ger”, sideload it within a “dicts” folder on the root directory of your Boox.

Go to Apps, open Dictionary, click settings, then select Preferred Dictionaries, tick the proposed dictionary. That’s it!

Now, let’s see what will happen during reading.

Sample: BOOX Note2

Note: For better experience, try to use some famous dictionaries such as Oxford, Collins, Merriam and more.




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