The Way to Make Note Templates Yourself

3 min readJun 26, 2019

Note taking is one of the most important functions on Boox eReaders. If you are a big fan of note taking, you may complain the note templates are much less than they should be.

A template is something that established or created as a pattern used in Boox Note app in advance. Then at the time users suddenly feel like writing or drawing something, the templates are already there.

In fact, after the template feature had been launched, Onyx added a few new useful default templates on Boox eReaders but apparently that’s not enough since people who have different sorts of occupation require different templates. Writers want just straight lines, cartoonists desire comic strip frames, and musicians would like staves. A good template closer to your demand helps to make a good beginning and makes things go well. After that, users could also download more templates from the cloud, like black background, to-do-list, SWOT template and so on. In spite of the increasing templates, the number is still far away from the need. Thus, why not make a favorite template yourself?

Approach 1:

(1) Open your browser on your Boox eReader, search keyword you like (e.g. notebook paper, calendar). Look for some resource image, long press the image and save it.

(2) Go to Storage => Download, find out the image you downloaded. Long press it, copy and paste it to the location Storage/noteTemplate.

(3) Open the note app, click template icon, select “Local” on the top. Your template is here!
【Edit: Since we introduce Layers in the V3.0 firmware, the template becomes a base layer. So you can tap the Layers button and change the template in the first layer.】

Approach 2:

(1) On your desktop, open the MS Office Word or Excel, create a new form (maybe need to adjust the page margin), or use any template in it.

(2) Save the file as PDF format.

(3) Connect your eReader to your desktop. Move the PDF file to Storage/noteTemplate.

(4) Now you can see the file can be used for templates on note app.

Approach 3:

Join our Facebook group. Many fans kindly share their customized template in the group. Click the below link or search “Boox fans group” on Facebook to join us.

Boox fans group:

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