Uncovering Hacks of Note-taking Templates for BOOX

Uncovering Hacks of Note-taking Templates for BOOX

Today, we’re all avid note-takers.

5 min readJun 19, 2020


Note template is one of the significant features of the BOOX Note app. In the V2.3 firmware, there’re 16 different built-in templates and at least 6 cloud templates for selection and download. Most of the note styles have been included in the Note app, offering extreme flexibility for users to take notes in their ways.

unlimited templates

You can find commonly-used blank and lined templates and classic note-taking templates, such as the Cornell style, in the built-in directory. You can also download some novel styles, such as the Comic Strips template featuring four large grids, from the cloud. If you think the 26 templates don’t comply with your note-taking styles, you are free to create templates and import them into your BOOX.

In this article, we’re going to cover three things:

  1. Displaying all the built-in and cloud note templates in the V2.3 Note app. If you’re new to BOOX devices, you can see how these templates can help you take digital notes.
  2. Introducing a new way of creating your note-taking templates. BOOX users can try this method and show us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter how well it works for you.
  3. Clarifying the logic of using different templates on the pages of the same note. This section can help you avoid the “screw up” moments!

Let’s start by addressing some common questions.

Where are note templates?

【Edit: Since we introduce Layers in the V3.0 firmware, the template becomes a base layer. So you can tap the Layers button and change the template in the first layer.】

All of the local templates are stored in Storage\noteTemplate. Templates downloaded from the Cloud are in Storage\noteTemplate\cloud. Built-in templates will not be shown in the storage folder.

What kind of note-taking templates does BOOX provide?

We provide 16 built-in templates:

16 built-in templates

And 6 cloud templates are:

6 cloud templates

Increasing cloud templates will show up as the firmware gets updated.

How to create templates?

We introduced two methods of creating note-taking templates in “The Way to Make Note Templates Yourself.” They have their pros and cons.

It’s better to download pictures than pdf files if you want to find notepaper online.

BOOX’s cloud syncing of the latest V2.3 firmware cannot handle pdf templates yet. If you can only find your favorite note-taking styles in pdf format, then you should convert them into pictures for syncing’s sake. Also, it isn’t easy to find a template that 100% meets your needs.

But the pro is obvious: if you happen to find an excellent template from the internet, you can save the time of creating one.

pros and cons chart with template made with Note app

If you like customizing templates, you can use Office Word/Excel or any other tools to help you finish the task.

The good part is you can draw lines, set frames, or even add circles to your templates as long as you like them.

On the other hand, configuring the format is cumbersome.

An A4 size paper is suitable for most of BOOX device, and you have to maintain the size when making lines in Word or adjusting cells in Excel.

You may also want to set the margins to 0cm so that you can maximize your note-taking space. After finishing your creation, you have to manage to convert the files to pictures.

Another creative, easy way of customizing note templates

In addition to the above approaches, you can try a third one: making a template right away on your Note app. The steps are easy to follow.

1)Open a new blank note.

2) Draw the layout of your favorite note with straight lines and shapes. (I used rectangles to finish the charting template above.)

3) Adjust details with the lasso tool.

4) Export the note into a png picture and jump to the storage folder.

export notes to pictures

5) Long press the picture to copy it and paste it into the Storage\noteTemplate directory.

Boom! Your self-made template is successfully created. You can already find it on the local templates and directly apply it to your notes. No internet is needed. No extra software is needed either. And you can ensure the template fits your device display size perfectly.


Use different templates on different pages

A user once asked why she couldn’t apply different templates on different pages of the same note. It’s simple to do so: choose the template you want to use on that page. But when it comes to pdf templates, the logic becomes a bit tricky.

Once a pdf template is applied, all pages in the same note will be automatically changed to its style. If you’ve already used a pdf template on a note and you want to change a specific page to the other form, different results will show up depending on your act:

  1. If you select a pdf template for a particular page, then all the other pages in the same note will change to that style. If you don’t want that to happen, it’s better to try the second way below.
  2. When you choose a png template, then only that page will show the selected style. The rest of the pages will remain the same.
apply a png template

Conclusion: If you want to apply a template to whatever page in a note, please keep in mind using a template in png format.

Show off your fantastic note templates

If you have great ways of customizing note-taking templates for BOOX or want to share your tips of using templates, leave your ideas on our Facebook fans group or comment below!

You can also tag us and share your lovely note templates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Look forward to your creation :D




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