What New E Ink Products BOOX Released in 2019?

ONYX BOOX is the only company in the global market that specializes in developments and sales & Marketing of E Ink devices ranging from 5.8” E Ink phone to 13.3 inch E Ink tablets. To learn more about us, please visit www.boox.com

Catering to the increasing personalization requirements of users from all walks of life, BOOX product lines just keep expanding. In total BOOX released four new E Ink products in 2019,which included 7.8 inch BOOX Nova Pro, 10.3 inch BOOX Note Pro, 10.3 inch BOOX Note 2 and 13.3 inch BOOX Max3. All those products are eye-friendly products that can be readable directly in the sunlight. If you still do not have one at hand and are interested in buying one, please visit https://shop.boox.com/

To give you a better understanding of each product, here let us take a closer look at all the products and what unique features they have individually.

BOOX Nova Pro

BOOX launched Nova Pro in January 2019. Nova Pro is the professional edition of Nova, the first edition of 7.8 inch Ebook Readers from BOOX. Nova Pro supports both capacitive touch and Wacom stylus touch. Users can take notes and draw pictures directly on the screen. Wacom stylus supports 4096-level pressure sensitivity and provides pen-to-paper note-taking experience. Its compact and portable design makes it a popular entry smart digital notepad. Android 6.0 OS and quad-core processor ensure a smooth running. Due to its right size and reasonable price, Nova Pro has quickly become the favorite of a lot of avid book readers on E Ink screens since it was released.

BOOX Note Pro

Note Pro was released in March 2019. Compared to its predecessor Note+, Note Pro is equipped with front light. This feature allows user to read anytime and anywhere. BOOX Note Pro features 10.3” high resolution E Ink screen, dual touch, front light, powerful CPU, light and sleek design that makes it a very attractive device for handwriting, reading books/comics/ PDFs. It is the perfect choice for professionals.


BOOX released Max3 in September 2019. Along with it, BOOX also launched two new accessories — BOOX B.T Remoter and BOOX Blue, a wireless pedal that can be used to control BOOX devices by foot. BOOX Blue was Reddot Design Award Winner 2019.

BOOX Max3 is the first 13.3” E Ink device that employs Android 9.0 and high performance Octa-core 2.0Ghz processor, which enables smooth running of all applications on the device. Users can read almost all documents or ebooks in a ratio 1:1. Max3 supports dual running modes : ebook reader and second monitor. With its large eye-friendly E Ink screen and powerful hardware specification, Max3 is perfect for those who need to read a lot of journals and articles, esp in PDF format.

BOOX Note2

BOOX Note2 was the last product that was released by BOOX in 2019. Like BOOX Note Pro, BOOX Note2 features 10.3 inch flexible E Ink Carta HD screen with a resolution of 1872 x 1404 (227 ppi) . However, Note2 employs much more powerful hardware and software, which include Qualcomm Octa-core 2.0Ghz processor, 4GB LPDDR3 + 64GB storage, USB-C OTG and Android 9.0 OS. USB OTG means you can attach keyboards, mice and external flash or hard drives directly without drive needed. Note2’s back button supports fingerprint recognition. Which makes files on your devices more secure. Mightier but lighter, Note2 is favorite of a lot of professionals such as academias, high education students, engineers, medical students..etc

The difference between Note Pro and Note 2

More new E Ink products will be available from ONYX BOOX in 2020. Stay tuned, please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. BOOX, Change the Traditional Way of Reading and Handwriting !

BOOX transforms your reading, writing, note-taking and drawing experience on E-Ink Tablets and Ebook Readers. Follow us for more latest updates.

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